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If your toilet, shower, or sinks are draining slowly, it can be signs that your septic system is failing. Ensure your septic tank is in good condition by contacting an experienced professional in New Gloucester, ME, to provide you with a septic inspection.

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If you notice drainage backups and sewage odors in our homes, don’t hesitate to call a certified home inspector. At Upfront Home Inspection, LLC, I take pride in giving my clients reliable inspection services. My name is Rick Browning, the founder of this reputable company.

Thanks to my vast experience in the industry, I can determine if your septic tank is in working order. To that end, I perform a video inspection of the septic lines and manually dig a test pit in the niche field. Then, I locate and check the inside of the septic tank. After my inspection, you’ll know the exact condition of your septic system and what steps need to be taken.

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Your septic tank is responsible for taking care of your waste and water coming from your toilet, shower, and washer. With a septic inspection, you guarantee if it needs to be pumped and also prevent septic problems in the future. If you need an inspection in New Gloucester, ME, I’m the one to call!

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